Yet He is The King

Original: Samsur Rahman
Translation: Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui

The countrymen getting together
Play on band and sing
No crown on his head
Yet he is the king.

On the bank of the Madhumoti
In Tunghipara hamlet
The blades of grass used to kiss
Fondly that very king’s feet.

All call him Bangobandhu
The Nation’s Father.
The countrymen come running
At the call of that great leader.

All know—in the path he showed
Liberty the country achieved
In freedom-fighting the Pak-troops
Were confounded and ruined.

The foes at home that ended his life
Are known as the murderers
Yet he came out victorious
Defeated are those killers

The wheel of history
So much the traitors turn
In the minds of tillers and workers
His image has been drawn.

The translator is a poet, a researcher and an academician.

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