Moans of Human Rights

A Poem of Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui:

The guns of Mayanmar generals suddenly boomed
Human Rights in Rakhaine were surely doomed
In 2016 harrowing wails started in the air all around
Genocide with infanticide spread no other sound

The armed allies howled and so wild they grew
Mass killing, random rape and oh children too
Were stabbed burnt alive with houses on fire
To put on their brows a stigma of rare massacre

Mayanmar bullets shed ample innocent blood
To eliminate an old race ending their livelihood
Incidents so tragic are really indescribable
Human rights and manners fall flat so horrible

The world stared stunned and did big or little
Bangladesh opened doors to sufferers so brittle
SuuKyi has played as State Councilor of Myanmar
A senseless note as ‘factually misleading’ on her guitar

So long files were heaved and speeches pronounced
World conscience awakened and souls were moved
Almost eight lakh refugees in small Bangladesh land
Also a big number in the border huddled like sand

Pity rose in Sheikh Hasina as Rohingyas’ pole topples
To enter Bangladesh she urged the souls under duress
How a human authority created a hell for minority
And Hasina won the laurel ‘The Mother of Humanity’

The Gambia so small a country made so big a turn
Filed a case with UN court in The Hague for yearn
SuuKyi dissenter of crimes once won Nobel for Peace
She with lots of fake cheques defended their disgrace

SuuKyi in Peace Palace vilely frowned on Peace
Diametrically opposite the world saw such a face
The acts of hypocrisy in The Hague discovered a liar
In Myanmar sky shines no more a blessing star

The top court’s bold ruling to prevent torture on man
On Rohingyas’ Rights Mayanmar should not put ban
Now thanks to Gambia UNO and the World Justice
To return to Rohingya their legal Rights will suffice

Biographical Information:
Dr. Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui, poet, writer, translator, and a university professor, has already authored twenty books and great number of poems, (many haiku and rubaiyat), articles and stories have been published in different Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Periodicals etc. . Besides being awarded internationally for his poetic accomplishments, he has many a time been honored by different organizations of Bangladesh for his contribution to literature, education and research. A solo cassette album of his eleven poems called `Visions’ and his poems in some anthologies have been published by The National Library of Poetry, Maryland. Oddball Magazine, English Teaching Forum, etc.have also published his poems. His prize-winning poems on `peace’have been published in Official Catalogues by Cultura-e-Societa, Torino, Italy. His poems generally deal with peace and patriotism, eternal problems and lasting human conviction.

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