Writings Wanted for “The Earth of Autograph”

Abdul Kadir Jibon: Dear Readers and Writers

Sylhet is a city which is known is a land of a bud within two leaves, is also regarded as the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. Some creative youths of the Department of English under Leading University, Sylhet have taken up an initiative to publish the 8th (Eighth) version of a magazine of English Literature named as “The Earth of Autograph “. It will contain literary, culture, history -heritage and social affairs of the globe. This is the editorial council calling every creative mind to contribute.

Our question to you: What do you think? Do you have a thought; you want to share with the world?

The Earth of Autograph is your open canvas!

As a writer, you are welcome to send us your invaluable writing.

Here is a list of topics as guidelines you.

Entertainment: A. Sports B. Self defense C .Health 2. At a Glance: A. Movie reviews B. Book reviews C. Occasion reviews D. Domestic affairs E. Local, National and International affairs F. Jokes G. Biography of personalities H. Poem I. Story J. Campus life K. Foreign Education / Applying Abroad L. Smart Study M. Image corner N. Readers Views O. Article P. Beauty Tips Q. Recent news R. History S. Dialogue T. Tour History
We wish your writing make our magazine effective and attractive!

(There is no barrier to write outside these topics. The paper is your open canvas… Color it in your own way. Let your mind be free and carry on your pen run!)

Thanking you

(N. B. This Magazine will publish one by one after an interval of four months.

Henceforth deadline of submitting write-up has not been mentioned.)

Abdul Kadir Jibon


The Earth of Autograph

Email: makjibon2013@gmail.com.

Call: 01723691694/ 01515272723

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